NEU HPC Environment Introduction

Our university’s HPC environment was founded in 2004, undertaking the first phase of ChinaGrid(China Education and Research Grid) Project supported by Chinese Ministry of Education. We had a set of IBM e1350 cluster system with 50 compute nodes and an IBM p690 Minicomputer. In 2012, with the support of the second phase of ChinaGrid, we had a set of Chinese Inspur TS10K cluster system which has been put into normal use. At the same time, our university has a construction fund for purchasing HPC equipment supported by Chinese 985 Project, which will be ready for such highly compute-intensive, I0-intensive HPC computing needs, and is planning to build the Shenyang Supercomputer Center with Shenyang government which is supporting scientific computing for high resolution image processing and cloud computing services.

i. NEU HPC Environment supported by NEU Network Center

Inspur TS10K cluster system: general-purpose CPU computing power 15.6416TFlops, storage capacity 99TB and the Intel MIC computing power 2TFlops.

This cluster system has 49 compute nodes including two management nodes, one Intel MIC architecture many-core compute node and 46 ordinary computing nodes.

The networks for both compute and storage are 56Gb Infiniband network, using Lustre parallel file system for high-demand computing tasks IO access.

Using Inspur Tissot cluster monitoring software TSMM, Configuring IBM PlatForm LSF HPC suites, Inspur TSDM cluster Deploying Software, Inspur TSJM unified cluster use and management platform.

HPC Software Environment includes Intel compilers and debugging software, Intel C + + / Fortran Compiler, Intel MKL Math Kernel Library, GCC compiler, MPICH, MVAPICH2, OpenMPI.

ii. NEU HPC Environment Vision

With our preliminary planning, in 2013 we’ll have another cluster system with 15Tflops power supported by Chinese 985 Project, and the planning of the Shenyang Supercomputer Center with Shenyang government will contain a cluster system with 300Tflops finally.

iii. HPC Related professionals

In many years of high-performance computing platform for building and maintenance work, NEU Network Center has cultivated many professionals(is also our university’s faculty) in the HPC field, including Liu Xiaofeng, Fan Jili, Liu Jun, Wang Yu, Wu Weixin, Wen Zhankao. Among them, Liu Jun and Liu Xiaofeng have many years of HPC environment construction, operation and maintenance and development experience, and Liu Xiaofeng and Wang Yu is mainly responsible for the NEU HPC platform.


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